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Lyra Chocolate




The philosophy of our company is to treat fair all our customers, suppliers, the nature and the planet on which we live and provide them with really tasty and high quality products. We are able to achieve it only by keeping the biggest part of the production process under control. Besides the main plant for chocolate products manufacturing, where it is “easy” to be in control, we build our own plantations with a processing plant in accordance with the Fair Trade principle. We work with such suppliers, who respect and follow the values of Fair Trade and BIO principles.

Lyra chocolate is sweetened by pure cane sugar or by sugar from coconut blossoms. Cane sugar as is more beneficial to our health and it improves flavour properties of cocoa better than white refined sugar. Sugar from coconut blossoms is even better in this respect. It is harvested by expensive manual processing of fresh nectar from blossoms of coconut palms. It is similar to cane sugar, but has a very low glycaemic index, about 35 (white sugar has more than 70).

Lyra chocolate is made with fino de Aroma cocoa. The characteristic fruity and floral aroma of with traces of hazelnut malt which differs from other types of cocoa found in the world. Fine de Aroma is a name given by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) which identifies a unique aroma and flavour of the cocoa. Only 8% of world production of cocoa is Fino de Aroma cocoa. Lyra chocolate is made only from Fino de Aroma cocoa from Colombia area, Peru and the Dominican Republic, thus providing our customers with 100% quality.

The basic principle of our work is a unique taste of our products. We have found out, i.e., that if we coat a just roasted nut in the chocolate, the real taste of the nut and its freshness stays encapsulated inside. That is the reason, why we always roast our nuts ourselves. It is, of course, important, for the nut to be of high quality and taste. We have searched all around the world; the best ones are found in Italy, Sicily, and Piemont.

We achieve the unique taste by adding no substitutes or additives such is palm oil to our chocolate.Not only the taste, but also the health of our customers is important for us. To some or our Lyra chocolate bars we don’t even add any vanilla or soy lecithin. A proof of transparency of our products is also a lack of gluten.

The proof that our efforts are going in the right direction is the Great Taste Award, which Lyra chocolate have won for the second time already. The prizes are awarded by probably the strictest 400-member international board, tasting 10,000 samples for over thousand hours. The board members are independent experts and Michelin star awarded chefs, gastro-critics, managers of the most famous restaurants, and gastronomy experts. This competition is considered the Oscar of gastronomy, because in blind tastings, only the taste of the product is evaluated, without packaging and product marketing background.

This is the real taste of chocolate. This is us. Lyra.